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Our Rose Farms

Selecting high quality roses is no easy task, and we didn't rest until we found exceedingly reliable and meticulous farmers.  After a long and tedious elimination process, we decided to source our vibrant and gorgeous roses from South America; mainly Colombia and Ecuador.  These roses are truly exquisite. Their beauty derives from the high quality care the roses receive by the florists at each local farm.  Our highly experienced staff at Vibes and Roses™ continuously searches for only the best farmers and cultivators that refuse anything other than the best care. 

The process of preserving a rose requires precision and accuracy, which allows each rose to last for many years; at least 3 years to be exact on average.  During the process of preservation, the staff at the farm carefully injects a color to enhance or completely change the color of the rose; from the stem to the petals.  It is quite amazing and when the process is completely finished, the rose is immaculate in every respect.  The result is preserved perfection for years.  We fully believe that once you experience the beauty and longevity of our preserved roses, you will be locked in and lovers of preserved roses that last up to 3 years.

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