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5 Reasons Preserved Roses Should Be Your Next Gift

Gifting roses to a special person is one of the most romantic acts that still exists today.  Who doesn’t like to receive a lovely arrangement of vibrant roses directly to their home, to their work or gifted in person?  Also, this type of nice gesture can be given as a birthday gift, get well, anniversary or for giving special thanks!  It turns out just as surprising when the roses are a spontaneous gift, simply by demonstrating your fondness without the need of a specific reason.  Don't forget the best of all is that our preserved roses last for 3 years and are all the fun as fresh flowers without the fuss! 

It is precisely these spontaneous gestures what we like the most.  But there are much more reasons why gifting roses to a special person is an excellent idea.  Here are some tips to always get you right in the Collection and arrangement of your choice.   
1. Preserved roses can express feelings without words
As you know, the language of roses is universal.  So, if you aren't 100% sure of how to express your feelings, the best way to do it is with a lovely arrangment of preserved roses.  And our roses can express everything from feelings of love to feelings of friendship to show our support for a person who is having a hard time, apologize, congratulate on good news...  So we don't always have to give flowers to our partner.  Doesn't your mother, your sister or your best friend also love to feel special?

2. Preserved roses are always a safe bet
Many times we have a significant date and we do not know what to give.  Roses never go out of style and are in season all year long!  No matter the occasion or the color, everyone always enjoys receiving roses from someone special.  However, if you want your arrangement to mean even more to her/him, always opt for peach, pink, yellow, white or a vibrant combination of different colors.  The choice is yours, but we recommend that you consider the character and tastes of the person who will be receiving them.  If in doubt, a beautiful arrangement of roses in your favorite color is always a guarantee of success; they all are incredibly gorgeous.
3. Preserved roses are never a boring gift
In any florist shop we can find a great variety of precious roses and never forget what makes them so special.  For this reason, roses are a gift that never go out of style.  This has made them one of the most traditional gifts in human history, and every bouquet of roses is a new sign of affection.  It doesn't matter if you recently sent flowers to someone.  I'm sure he/she will love to brighten up their favorite space with a new color!

4. Preserved roses do not have to show commitment beyond friendship
For example, some men fear sending flowers to a woman with which they do not have a relationship, because they think that the woman will assume that this is a step beyond friendship.  On the other hand, you should know that as long as it's not a bouquet of red roses, a woman knows well that it's not necessarily a sign of affection.  That's why it's the best way to encourage a friend who's having a hard time and giving her your support for whatever your friend needs.

5. Preserved roses are never forgotten, never!
If you ask any man or woman, I am willing to bet she can explain in detail the last time she received flowers.  And it is that, receiving flowers is not something that is easily forgotten especially the flowers of Vibes and Roses™ that last up to 3 years, therefore your gift will be constantly remembered.  We promise! 

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